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Hello New Skier,

My name is Tony and I've been teaching skiing for 15 years now.

Welcome to the sport!

I've taught hundreds and hundreds of beginner lessons. I've also taught many other ski instructors how to teach lessons.

I absolutely love skiing but...

There's One Problem...

As soon as I mention I'm a ski instructor to someone I meet when I'm out somewhere, guess what I hear people say the most?

The say, "Yeah, I went once and almost hit a tree, so I stopped."

They gave up.

They're missing out BIG TIME on a sport that's really fun.


What's Great About Skiing Is...

  • You get to be outside enjoying the beauty of the outdoors
  • Skiing is fun once you get control (and it's not difficult... I'll explain)
  • The whole day is an adventure
  • You meet a lot of great people
  • You get exercise and fresh air
  • You get out of the house
  • You get to talk about your day when it's all done
  • And so much more!


Guess What? My First Time Skiing STUNK!

It was back in high school.

We went on a school trip on a Friday night (when all schools go). I got the skis on, we got up the hill, I was about to head down, and one of my buddies say...

"Oh yeah... do this to stop. Let's go."

That was it.

With the skis back then, I nearly killed myself, but I kept going.

After a while, I did kind of give up because I didn't have enough control and I didn't feel safe. I'd only go on weekdays - not weekends. That way, I wouldn't hit someone or something.


Then, Something Very Good Happened...

Downhill skis got better!

Yeah, shaped skis came out and suddenly... almost overnight... I had control!

Wow, I could turn, stop... amazing.

It's like I was welcomed back into the sport. Birds were chirping, there were rainbows, heavenly choirs sang...

OK, it wasn't exactly like that but it was good.

That was back around 2003 for me. Skis did get better and they've improved a lot since then. Today, they're better than ever.

Pretty much all skis you rent today are good. That's how the ski manufacturers get you hooked - they want you learning on their brand. A Head or Rossingnol rental ski will give you good control out on the snow.


There's Kind of ONE Main Problem Still...

Yeah, the problem with skiing is that there is a little bit of a learning curve. You don't just pop in them and have instant control. Maybe in the future, but if it's too easy... that's no fun.

I see it all the time...

People get out there without any preparation, they take maybe 2-3 runs and they're done. They give up.

It's really sad to see.

You need some good tips and even a coach. That's why us ski instructors get paid the big bucks (no, we really don't... we work for peanuts).

But seriously, what we can teach you in an hour or so would take you 10-20 ski trips on your own. Taking a lesson is well worth the money. I see so many smiling faces when my lessons are done. People feel really good about accomplishing something that isn't super easy.


If You Take a Lesson or Not...
There Really Are Some Things
You Ought to Know

That's why I put together a simple guide to help you.

Another name for it would be "Stuff So You Don't Look Like a Total Newb" but my friends said I should go with "Beginner Skiing Tips" instead.

This Guide is Packed FULL of Helpful Information...

It's a 43-page PDF guide to get you off to a good start.

You see...

Sometimes the toughest part is just getting ONTO the snow. There's a lot to prepare and get ready for, so this guide gets you there like a pro... not a newb.

With This Kind of Info, You'll Be Ready

But That's Not All You'll Get...

I know it's not easy to learn skiing from a book, but let's give it a try.

There are some people out there who want to be prepared and get a preview of a ski lesson so they know what they're getting into. That's why I put my beginner ski lesson into a book.

We'll go through these 18 things:

  • Introduction
  • Boot Check
  • The Equipment
  • Athletic Stance
  • Boot Work
  • One Ski On
  • Two Skis On
  • Stopping
  • Walk Up a Slope and Turn Around on a Hill
  • First Run
  • Learn Step Turns
  • Learn Parallel Turns
  • Learn Wedge Turns
  • How to Properly Use the Ski Lift
  • Top of the First Run
  • Make Uphill Turns Left and Right
  • Make Downhill Turns Left and Right
  • Wrap Up


This Amount of Information is Worth Hundreds, But That's Not Nearly What You'll Pay

You see, I love skiing so much that I want you to get out there and also enjoy it as well. You'll get it at an amazing price and I'm adding in a bit more...

As a bonus, you also get...

What You Get...

What You Get...

When you purchase today, you'll get:

  • Beginning Skiing Tips - Valued at $89
  • My Beginner Ski Lesson - Valued at $59
  • What to Bring Skiing Checklist - Valued at $27
  • Ultimate Ski Vacation Guide - Valued at $19

TOTAL VALUE: $194.00

YOU PAY JUST: $12.95

If this really takes off, I might decide to raise the price, so get in on this offer TODAY.

I can't wait to see you out on the slopes.

You'll Check Out at TonyHerman.com


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